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Stand for Mobile and Tablet (Adjustable) Pack Of 5

₹ 25

₹ 50


Minimum Order Quantity is 5 Pieces

Introducing the Adjustable Stand for Mobile and Tablet, Pack of 5, your ultimate solution for hands-free convenience and versatility. This pack includes five adjustable stands, each designed to securely hold your mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience wherever you go.

Key Features:

1. Universal Compatibility: The Adjustable Stand is designed to accommodate a wide range of mobile phones and tablets, making it a perfect fit for various devices, including iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and more.

2. Adjustable Design: Each stand comes with an adjustable mechanism, allowing you to set your desired viewing angle for optimal comfort while watching videos, attending video calls, reading, or working.

3. Compact and Portable: These stands are lightweight and foldable, making them highly portable and easy to carry in your bag or pocket. Take them with you on-the-go and enjoy hands-free usage anywhere.

4. Sturdy and Secure: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Adjustable Stands provide a stable and secure base for your devices. Their anti-slip pads ensure your devices stay firmly in place.

5. Pack of 5: This pack includes five adjustable stands, offering great value for families, offices, or anyone who needs multiple stands for various devices.

6. Convenient Charging Port Access: The stands are designed with convenient charging port access, allowing you to charge your device while it's securely held in the stand.

7. Hands-Free Usage: With the Adjustable Stand, you can enjoy hands-free usage of your mobile phones and tablets, making it ideal for video conferencing, following recipes, attending online classes, and more.

Enhance Your Device Experience:

The Adjustable Stand for Mobile and Tablet offers a versatile and ergonomic solution to enhance your device experience. Find the perfect viewing angle and enjoy comfortable hands-free usage, whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move.

Convenient and Affordable:

With this pack of five adjustable stands, you can enjoy hands-free convenience for all your devices without breaking the bank. Share them with family members, friends, or use them in different rooms to maximize their utility.

Invest in Versatility:

Upgrade your device setup with the Adjustable Stand for Mobile and Tablet, Pack of 5, and discover the freedom of hands-free usage wherever you are. Embrace the convenience of multiple stands for all your mobile phones and tablets.

Experience hands-free versatility and elevate your device usage with the Adjustable Stand for Mobile and Tablet, Pack of 5. Enjoy the comfort of adjustable viewing angles and the convenience of a pack that offers value and functionality. Embrace hands-free productivity and entertainment with these versatile and practical stands.

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