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MZ M53VP (PORTABLE BLUETOOTH KARAOKE SPEAKER) Wireless MIC with voice changer/USB 6 W Bluetooth Speaker (Multicolor, Stereo Channel)

₹ 989

₹ 1,999


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces

Elevate Your Karaoke Experience: MZ M53VP Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker

Unleash your inner rockstar with the MZ M53VP Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker. Designed for endless fun and entertainment, this speaker comes with a wireless microphone featuring a voice changer, USB connectivity, and powerful stereo sound, making it the ultimate companion for your karaoke nights and parties.

#### **Key Features:**

1. **Wireless Microphone with Voice Changer:**
  - *Karaoke Fun:* Get ready to rock the stage with the wireless microphone included with the MZ M53VP speaker. With built-in voice changer effects, you can transform your voice and add a touch of creativity to your performances.

2. **USB Connectivity:**
  - *Versatile Playback:* Connect your USB devices directly to the speaker and play your favorite tracks effortlessly. Whether it's karaoke tracks, MP3s, or playlists, enjoy versatile playback options for endless entertainment.

3. **Powerful Stereo Sound:**
  - *Dynamic Audio:* Experience powerful stereo sound with the MZ M53VP Karaoke Speaker. Featuring dual drivers, this speaker delivers rich and immersive audio that fills the room, creating the perfect atmosphere for your karaoke sessions.

4. **Bluetooth Connectivity:**
  - *Wireless Freedom:* Connect your devices wirelessly via Bluetooth and enjoy seamless audio streaming from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Sing along to your favorite tracks without the hassle of cables or cords.

5. **Multicolor LED Lights:**
  - *Vibrant Ambiance:* Create a party atmosphere with the multicolor LED lights built into the MZ M53VP speaker. Watch as the lights dance to the rhythm of the music, adding excitement and energy to your karaoke performances.

6. **Portable Design:**
  - *On-the-Go Entertainment:* The portable design of the MZ M53VP speaker makes it easy to take the party with you wherever you go. Whether you're hosting a karaoke night at home or entertaining friends outdoors, this speaker ensures non-stop fun and entertainment.

#### **Why Choose MZ M53VP Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker?**

- **Karaoke Fun:** Enjoy endless hours of karaoke entertainment with the wireless microphone and voice changer effects.
- **Versatile Connectivity:** Connect your USB devices or stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth for versatile playback options.
- **Dynamic Stereo Sound:** Experience powerful and immersive stereo sound that brings your karaoke performances to life.
- **Multicolor LED Lights:** Create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere with the built-in LED lights that sync with the music.
- **Portable and Convenient:** Take the party with you wherever you go, thanks to the portable design of the MZ M53VP speaker.

Elevate your karaoke experience with the MZ M53VP Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker and turn any gathering into an unforgettable party. Order now and unleash your inner rockstar!

*MZ - Redefining Entertainment.*

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