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LYNE CoolPods 31 30 Hours Music Time True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headset - 6 Month

₹ 1,499

₹ 3,499


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces

Enjoy Music All Day: LYNE by U&i CoolPods 31 True Wireless Earbuds

Immerse yourself in uninterrupted music with the LYNE by U&i CoolPods 31 True Wireless Earbuds. With an incredible 30 hours of music playback time, advanced Bluetooth technology, and ergonomic design, these earbuds redefine your music listening experience.

#### **Key Features:**

1. **Long Battery Life:**
  - *30 Hours of Music Playback:* With an extended battery life of up to 30 hours, the LYNE CoolPods 31 ensures that your music keeps playing all day long. Enjoy your favorite playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks without interruptions.

2. **True Wireless Design:**
  - *Wireless Freedom:* Say goodbye to tangled cables and enjoy the freedom of true wireless technology. The LYNE CoolPods 31 allow you to move freely without any wires holding you back, making them perfect for workouts, commutes, and everyday use.

3. **Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity:**
  - *Stable Connection:* Equipped with advanced Bluetooth technology, the LYNE CoolPods 31 provides a stable and reliable connection to your devices. Pair them effortlessly with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for seamless music streaming.

4. **Crystal-Clear Sound:**
  - *Immersive Audio Experience:* Experience crystal-clear sound with deep bass and crisp highs, thanks to the high-quality audio drivers of the LYNE CoolPods 31. Enjoy an immersive listening experience that brings your music to life.

5. **Comfortable Fit:**
  - *Ergonomic Design:* Designed for comfort, the LYNE CoolPods 31 feature an ergonomic design that fits snugly in your ears. The lightweight and compact earbuds ensure a secure and comfortable fit, even during long listening sessions.

6. **Touch Controls:**
  - *Intuitive Touch Control:* Control your music, adjust the volume, and answer calls with simple touch gestures. The intuitive touch controls of the LYNE CoolPods 31 allow for easy operation without having to reach for your device.

7. **Sleek and Stylish Design:**
  - *Modern Aesthetics:* With their sleek and stylish design, the LYNE CoolPods 31 make a fashion statement wherever you go. Choose from a range of colors to match your personal style and elevate your look.

#### **Why Choose LYNE CoolPods 31 True Wireless Earbuds?**

- **Long Battery Life:** Enjoy up to 30 hours of music playback on a single charge.
- **True Wireless Design:** Experience the freedom of wireless music with no cables to hold you back.
- **Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity:** Stable and reliable connection for seamless music streaming.
- **Crystal-Clear Sound:** Immersive audio experience with deep bass and crisp highs.
- **Comfortable Fit:** Ergonomic design ensures a secure and comfortable fit for all-day wear.
- **Touch Controls:** Intuitive touch control for easy operation without reaching for your device.
- **Sleek and Stylish:** Modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

Upgrade your music listening experience with the LYNE by U&i CoolPods 31 True Wireless Earbuds and enjoy music on the go like never before. Order now and elevate your audio experience.

*LYNE by U&i - Redefining Wireless Audio.*

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