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Logitech H-151 Wired Headset (Black, On the Ear)

₹ 1,249

₹ 1,595


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces

Enjoy Clear Communication and Comfort with the Logitech H-151 Wired Headset

Experience clear sound and comfortable communication with the Logitech H-151 Wired Headset. Perfect for everyday use, this headset delivers reliable audio quality, an adjustable microphone, comfortable ear cushions, and a lightweight design for extended wear. Whether you're making calls, participating in online meetings, or listening to music, the H-151 ensures clear communication and all-day comfort.

#### **Key Features:**

1. **Clear Audio Quality:**
  - *Reliable Sound:* Enjoy clear and crisp audio quality for your calls, meetings, and multimedia experiences. The Logitech H-151 delivers reliable sound performance for all your communication needs.

2. **Adjustable Microphone:**
  - *Clear Voice Pickup:* The adjustable microphone allows you to position it for optimal voice pickup, ensuring clear communication during calls and online meetings. Easily adjust the microphone to suit your preferences.

3. **Comfortable Design:**
  - *All-Day Comfort:* The H-151 features comfortable ear cushions and a lightweight design that allows for extended wear without discomfort. Stay comfortable throughout your day of calls and meetings.

4. **Convenient In-Line Controls:**
  - *Easy Access:* Control your calls and volume with convenient in-line controls. Adjust settings without interrupting your conversation or workflow for added convenience.

5. **Versatile Compatibility:**
  - *Wide Compatibility:* The Logitech H-151 is compatible with a wide range of devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Use it with your favorite communication applications for seamless integration into your workflow.

6. **Durable Build Quality:**
  - *Long-Lasting Durability:* Built to withstand daily use, the H-151 features a durable build quality that ensures longevity. Enjoy reliable performance for all your communication needs.

#### **Why Choose Logitech H-151 Wired Headset?**

- **Clear Audio Quality:** Reliable sound performance for calls, meetings, and multimedia.
- **Adjustable Microphone:** Positionable microphone for clear voice pickup.
- **Comfortable Design:** Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.
- **Convenient In-Line Controls:** Easy access to call and volume controls.
- **Versatile Compatibility:** Wide compatibility with PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
- **Durable Build Quality:** Long-lasting durability for daily use.

Experience clear communication and comfort with the Logitech H-151 Wired Headset. Stay connected and productive throughout your day with reliable sound quality and all-day comfort.

*Logitech - Simplify Your Digital Life.*

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