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LCD with Touch Screen for Oppo A5s/Realme 3/Realme 3i - Black (display glass combo folder)

₹ 949

₹ 1,499


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces

The LCD with Touch Screen for Oppo A5s, Realme 3, and Realme 3i in Black is a combined display assembly that includes both the LCD screen and the touch-sensitive digitizer. This component is crucial for the visual and interactive functionality of your device. Here are the key features and functions of this product:

1. **Display and Touch Integration:** The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) provides the visual output, while the touch screen digitizer enables touch interaction. Having them combined into a single unit ensures seamless functionality.

2. **Color and Resolution:** This LCD assembly offers a black color scheme, providing vibrant and accurate color representation. The resolution ensures crisp and clear visuals for an enhanced user experience.

3. **Touch Sensitivity:** The touch screen digitizer recognizes your touch inputs and translates them into actions on the device's interface. This is essential for navigation, typing, and interacting with apps.

4. **Replacement and Repair:** If your device's display or touch functionality is compromised due to cracks, damage, or unresponsiveness, replacing the LCD with Touch Screen assembly can restore the device's usability.

5. **Installation Considerations:** Replacing the LCD with Touch Screen assembly requires technical expertise and specialized tools. It's recommended to have the replacement performed by skilled technicians or at an authorized service center to ensure proper installation and functionality.

6. **Quality Assurance:** Ensure that the replacement part is of high quality and compatible with your specific device model. Genuine or authorized replacement parts are recommended to maintain device performance and longevity.

7. **Usage and Maintenance:** To extend the life of the replacement assembly, handle your device with care, and avoid dropping or applying excessive pressure. Using a protective case and screen protector can provide additional safeguards.

Replacing the LCD with Touch Screen assembly for Oppo A5s, Realme 3, and Realme 3i can bring your device back to optimal functionality, providing a clear display and responsive touch interaction. It's advisable to seek assistance from authorized service centers or skilled technicians for proper repair and replacement to ensure the best results.

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