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Jio F120 Keypad Phone


₹ 1,349

₹ 2,499


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Introducing the Jio F120 Keypad Phone (Refurb), a reliable and cost-effective feature phone that brings back the charm of simplicity. This refurbished device offers essential functionality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a basic mobile phone with Jio's connectivity benefits.


Key Features:


1. Essential Design: The Jio F120 Keypad Phone (Refurb) features a classic design with an easy-to-use keypad, allowing for effortless navigation and comfortable typing. Its compact and lightweight build makes it perfect for everyday use.


2. Jio Connectivity: As a Jio feature phone, the F120 offers the advantages of Jio's 4G VoLTE network, providing high-quality voice calls, faster data connectivity, and seamless access to Jio's suite of digital services.


3. Refurbished Quality: The Jio F120 undergoes a thorough refurbishment process, ensuring it meets strict quality standards. It is tested, repaired, and restored to work like new, delivering a reliable and satisfactory user experience.


4. Long-lasting Battery: With an impressive battery life, the Jio F120 keeps you connected for extended periods without frequent charging, making it an excellent backup phone for emergencies or extended travels.


5. Convenient Features: This feature phone comes with essential features like calling, messaging, a built-in FM radio, torchlight, and a phonebook for your contacts.


6. Cost-Effective Option: As a refurbished phone, the Jio F120 offers an affordable choice for users seeking a reliable and straightforward device without the need for complex functionalities.


7. Multilingual Support: The phone offers multilingual support, allowing you to use it in your preferred language for added convenience.


Rediscover the simplicity and convenience of the Jio F120 Keypad Phone (Refurb). Enjoy the benefits of Jio's connectivity while embracing the ease of using a feature phone. Trust in the refurbishment process to deliver a fully functional device, allowing you to stay connected effortlessly. Whether you need a backup phone, a device for basic communication, or a simple option for specific needs, the Jio F120 (Refurb) is a cost-effective choice with the reliability of Jio's network. Choose the Jio F120 Keypad Phone (Refurb) and experience the perfect blend of functionality and affordability.

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