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Apple Original 5W USB Power Adapter

₹ 799

₹ 1,700


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 pcs

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Introducing the Apple 5W USB Power Adapter, a sleek and compact charging solution designed to deliver optimal performance for your Apple devices. This genuine Apple accessory ensures efficient and reliable charging, keeping your devices powered up and ready to go at all times.


Key Features:


1. Genuine Apple Product: The Apple 5W USB Power Adapter is an authentic Apple product, designed and manufactured by Apple to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Trust in the Apple brand and experience the seamless compatibility with your Apple devices.


2. Fast and Efficient Charging: With its 5W power output, this adapter offers fast and efficient charging for a range of Apple devices, including iPhones, iPods, and other compatible gadgets. The adapter optimizes the charging process to minimize wait times and maximize convenience.


3. Universal Compatibility: The Apple 5W USB Power Adapter is designed to work with a variety of Apple devices. Whether you have the latest iPhone or an older iPod, this adapter provides a versatile charging solution for all your Apple products.


4. Compact and Travel-Friendly: Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel. Slip it into your bag or pocket, and you'll always have a reliable charging source wherever you go.


5. Safety Assured: Apple prioritizes your safety, and the 5W USB Power Adapter is no exception. The adapter is built with safety features that protect against overcharging, overcurrent, and short circuits, ensuring a safe charging experience for your valuable devices.


6. Easy to Use: Using the Apple 5W USB Power Adapter is effortless. Simply plug it into a wall outlet, connect your Apple device using a compatible Lightning cable (sold separately), and let the charging begin.


Invest in the Apple 5W USB Power Adapter and elevate your charging experience to a new level of efficiency and reliability. Trust the brand that millions rely on for quality and performance, and keep your Apple devices charged and ready for every adventure. Charge with confidence, charge with Apple.

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