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18 Inch Selfie Ring Light LED Studio Photoshoot Flash Light Dimmable Shooting Light with Mobile Phone Holder for Makeup/YouTube Videos Camera Photography Insta Reels Live Streaming

₹ 2,199

₹ 4,599


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces

Introducing the 18 Inch Selfie Ring Light, your ultimate studio-grade lighting solution for photoshoots, makeup tutorials, YouTube videos, camera photography, Insta Reels, and live streaming. This dimmable LED ring light is designed to provide you with professional-quality lighting that enhances your visuals and elevates your content creation experience.

Key Features:

1. Large 18 Inch Ring Light: The 18-inch diameter of the ring light ensures wide coverage, illuminating your subject with soft and even lighting, reducing shadows and creating stunning visuals.

2. Dimmable Lighting: Adjust the brightness to your desired level using the built-in dimmer. From bright daylight to warm evening glow, this ring light caters to various shooting scenarios.

3. Three Color Modes: Choose from three color modes - warm, cool, and neutral white - to match the ambiance and mood of your content, adding versatility to your creative process.

4. Mobile Phone Holder: The included mobile phone holder securely holds your smartphone in place, allowing you to effortlessly capture content from any angle.

5. Universal Compatibility: Whether you're using a mobile phone or a professional camera, this ring light is universally compatible, making it perfect for any type of content creation.

6. Ideal for Makeup and Beauty Tutorials: Create flawless makeup looks with precision using the 18 Inch Selfie Ring Light. The even lighting ensures accurate color representation and highlights the finer details.

7. Perfect for YouTube Videos and Live Streaming: Elevate your YouTube videos and live streams with the professional lighting offered by this ring light. Keep your audience engaged with impeccable visuals.

8. Versatile Use: From photoshoots to Insta Reels and beyond, this ring light adapts to your needs, providing exceptional lighting for every occasion.

9. Sturdy and Adjustable Stand: The sturdy and adjustable stand allows you to set up the ring light at the perfect height and angle for your shooting requirements.

10. Energy-Efficient LED Technology: The LED bulbs are energy-efficient, ensuring prolonged usage without consuming excessive power.

Elevate Your Content Creation:

Upgrade your content creation experience with the 18 Inch Selfie Ring Light. Achieve professional-grade lighting that enhances your visuals and captivates your audience.

Perfect for Professional Photography:

For photographers and content creators, this ring light is an essential tool to enhance the quality of your photos and videos, making your work stand out.

Create Stunning Makeup Tutorials:

Capture stunning makeup tutorials with precise and flattering lighting that accentuates your skills and showcases your makeup looks in the best light.

Flawless Live Streaming:

Engage your audience with impeccable lighting during live streaming sessions. This ring light ensures you're always well-lit, boosting the impact of your live content.

Invest in Quality Lighting:

Choose the 18 Inch Selfie Ring Light and invest in quality lighting that elevates your content to new heights. With its wide range of applications and exceptional performance, this ring light is the perfect addition to your content creation arsenal.

Take control of your lighting setup and produce exceptional visuals with the 18 Inch Selfie Ring Light. Whether you're a makeup artist, photographer, or content creator, this versatile and powerful ring light ensures you always put your best face forward. So, get ready to shine and create captivating content with this incredible LED Studio Photoshoot Flash Light.

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